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Why RMM Or Remote Monitoring And Management?

01 February 2019

What is RMM? well in a nutshell, it is the process of controlling a small to medium size businesses IT systems such as laptops, desktops and servers which are on a network and these devices can be administered by means of a locally installed “agent” where a MSP (Managed Service Provider) can access these devices and perform maintenance and security tasks either manually or automatically by taking a proactive approach.  This also allows your MSP to access your system remotely when an issue has been identified and being able to address it instantly and without having to come onsite.

The benefits of RMM to your business or organisation:

Reduced downtime

RMM software is an excellent tool to do proactive maintenance which allows your MSP to spot known or common issues on your networked system, for example low disc space, CPU and RAM usage or even internet service outages, these types of issues can alert your MSP so they can take action before a problem escalates helping to reduce lost productivity through your system being down.  This allows your MSP to dig deep to a known cause of any issue.

Security of Systems

A lot of RMM software work closely with Managed Anti-Virus software, this allows your MSP to apply critical antivirus updates of any current threats that are out there.  Within the RMM software there are tools that allow your MSP to perform tasks, like applying operating system updates and patches and any other software that is running on your systems.  With all these features in place, scheduled either automatically or manually, this keeps your system secure, up to date and means less downtime for you and your staff.

Remote support

The RMM software allows your MSP the means to do a lot of tasks remotely, like for example one of you users has an issue and needs help, an engineer will be able to use the RMM tool to access the users computer remotely, fix the problem with out having to attend onsite, saving you time and money.  RMM software will give an engineer valuable information about individual machines and devices on an organisations network.

Being proactive

Monitoring any organisations network is a 24/7 task, with the RMM tools, it allows your MSP to get notifications instantly of any critical alerts of your IT infrastructure addressing these alerts by taking action to prevent these potential threats or problems escalating before they get out of hand, this allows your MSP to dig deep to a known cause of any issue.


Your business will benefit from RMM as it means there is a fixed monthly price and there are no surprise costs.

Here at Control IT Solutions we can set your business up with our RMM tools and software so you can take advantage of keeping in control of your business without having to worry about your IT systems infrastructure.   Call us today on 01738 310271

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