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Benefits Of VoIP

07 February 2019

VoIP or Voice over Internet protocol, this is basically a form of communications system that works by converting a user’s voice into a form of digital data and sending over your internet connection as opposed to going through a conventional phone line it goes through a broadband router.

There are many benefits to using VoIP technology, the main one being cost:

Money Saving

Switching to VoIP telephony system can save a business money than by using a conventional phone system.  A business will receive the same regular bill every month no matter how long or often users talk for, this also includes local, national and UK mobile phones. 

Being Mobile with VoIP

VoIP does not have to be solely restricted for an employee to use it from an office, there are many mobile applications which are available enabling your users to make and receive calls while on the move, thus making your staff hugely productive and contactable while out in the field

Other Features

Some of the common features will have call display, call forwarding to a number of your choice, hunt groups and auto attend. There are also features like voicemail and have the voice emailed to you or a mailbox of your choice in the form of a sound file to allow you to listen to your voice mail while you out on the move or on the road.  There are also unlimited extensions, so as your business grows, it is easy by adding users to your VoIP network.

Remote support

Your VoIP supplier will able to sort out issues remotely on your VoIP system without you having to wait for an engineer to attend onsite.

If you are considering moving from the conventional phone system over to a VoIP, give Control IT Solutions a call and see how we can help you and your business users save you money, increase productivity and efficiency.

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