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What To Expect From A Managed Service Provider

27 December 2019

What to Expect from a Managed Service Provider or MSP?

As a business owner when you encounter IT issues, it can be very frustrating and can cause anxiety when it impacts on you and your staffs productivity, like for instance not being able to send or receive email, send a report to a printer, issues with programs or applications, or getting out that all important quote to a new client and bigger issues like getting a virus or not knowing if you data is being backed up securely.  These are disasters that you cannot afford as you want your business to run smoothly as you have 101 other things on your mind to keep your business ticking along.  The bottom line is you need a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

A Managed Service Provider allows you to outsource your IT operations, by allowing a MSP to manage your IT operations you essentially give the responsibility to them to monitor your IT infrastructure or network around the clock and this service generally includes, issue alerts, security, patch management, data backup and recovery on all your IT assets or devices like laptops, desktops, servers, storage devices, printers and applications running on your infrastructures network within your business.  Any issues that do occur are the responsibility of your MSP and will be able to be resolved quickly and with less hassles for you and your staff.

At Control IT Solutions we know and understand that your business needs a robust and reliable IT system in place and is important for the operation and efficiency for the functionality of your business to have a support system in place.  Our system provides a proactive service and constantly monitors your infrastructure to a very high standard that can detect any problems before they become critical which in turn can affect your businesses productivity.  This allows you and your staff do what you do best and that is your business!

Benefits of using Control IT Solutions as a Managed Service Provider

Costs – Our monthly fees are fixed; this allows you to plan for your IT’s budget accordingly without the surprise of an unexpected bill.

Monitoring – with our round the clock Remote Monitoring and Management system we can detect issues before they become critical reducing any downtime.

Unlimited Phone and remote support – with our helpdesk software we have the tools to fix any problems your business encounters in real time remotely in front of you without you having to tackle this yourself.

Managed Antivirus – Our centrally managed cloud antivirus solution allows us to deploy Antivirus and antimalware across your network and in turn manage this all in the background.

Backup & Recovery Solutions - Our automated cloud backup of all your critical data is 256bit encrypted and is GDPR compliant with daily reports emailed to your inbox if the backup was successful or not.

Patch Management – we will run all the software and application patches in the background to help your system to stay secure and run smoothly and efficiently.

Cyber Security awareness – with the ongoing threat from cyber criminals, we can assist your business become Cyber Essentials Accredited.

Contact us and let us get your businesses IT infrastructure on board and give you peace of mind with our Remote Monitoring and Management system - call us today on 01738 310271

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