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Benefits Of A Managed Security Service Provider

22 April 2020

MSSP or a Managed Security Service Provider can be a very valuable resource for businesses that take their network and IT security seriously, but perhaps do not quite have the resources to build up a cyber security team internally.  With businesses having to deal with the threat of ransomware, malware, virus infections or attacks by cyber criminals almost on a daily basis, the damage that a hack to your business can and will have be dire, financial costs as well as reputation from clients or investors to your business.  Businesses need to consider taking on the services of MSSP and what the benefits will be to outsource as opposed to using an internal or in-house team to take care of the Security services in addition to the existing security program.

So, what is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

A MSSP is a 3rd party company that can manage and implement security for your IT infrastructure with a wide range of services and these could include:
•    Managed Firewalls
•    Management and log monitoring 
•    Consultancy services
•    Phishing email simulation 
•    Training
•    Intrusion detection 
•    Spam Management 
•    Managed Virus and Malware protection
•    SIEM (Security Information, Event, and Management) software services
•    MDR (Managed Detection & Response)

These can be managed on software as a service, so that means your business will not need any extra staff or hardware.

Benefits of using Managed Security Services

  • Cybersecurity knowledge and experience  - MSSP’s will have an in depth amount of experience with common IT infrastructure and network issues this is due to an MSSP working across a broad spectrum of different organisations and industries and will be exposed to a wide variety of Cyber Security challenges, meanwhile an in house team will only be used to the one.  So, this gives the MSSP an advantage in helping a business like yours. It makes the MSSP more flexible and adaptable, if a particular security measure or model works well for another business in a similar sector as yourself, that can be easily transferred over to your business.

  • Access to unique tools and expertise – MSSP’s will come across a whole array of tools and resources that might not be familiar with your in house team, this will help to improve your businesses IT infrastructure by allowing your MSSP to give you the best services which will be unique for your organisation.

  • Cost Savings – You save on costs by not having to employ extra staff or having to train your existing IT staff, perhaps that was not in their remit to begin with.  There are no unexpected costs as your MSSP will have a set price and you no what will go out.  It also frees up in house IT staff having to monitor Security Information events dashboards and let them help with other IT business goals.

  • Flexibility – Your IT infrastructure will often grow and so will your MSSP be able to scale up or scale back if your need requires it.  This will also free up more time so you and your staff can do what is best and that is run your business

What can you do?

  • Cyber threats are real and will increase exponentially and it is not a good idea to bury your head in the sand and think this will go away or it will not affect my business.  At Control IT Solutions we can help an organisation like yours with a Managed Security Service Solution.

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