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IT Infrastructure And Business Growth

08 July 2020

Has your IT systems and infrastructure kept up with your businesses growth or will it be capable of handling a growth spurt? As your business evolves over time, so does your team and the operational and marketing strategies, but do you plan for the growth and additional expansion of your IT infrastructure? During a period of transformation or growth of the operational or marketing side of the business it is quite common for businesses not to pay attention to the IT systems and this could be detrimental to your business.  As your business grows and as a business owner you do not pay attention to your IT systems, these systems will struggle to cope with demand and could cause your business to grind to a halt.

Some business owners will have the attitude of “if it is not broken, why should we fix or change it” when it comes to IT.  It will seem like a major hassle and inconvenience to upgrade all the hardware and software and changing the system will just upset the apple cart.  If your systems are several years old and you seem to be fire fighting IT problems on a daily basis, then it is time to look at your IT and get an upgrade.  As a business owner thinking that it will be ok, is just being short sighted to the problem.

With a creaking IT infrastructure where there are constant problems, this not only will frustrate your staff, but you could lose staff  who might look further afield for better opportunities with other companies and you will lose skilled and talented staff that you have trained and hope to retain. When a new member of staff starts, watch carefully how they respond to your IT infrastructure, are they surprised of how out dated your system is or are they pleased that you keep your systems up to date and they are keen to get the job at hand done.

As time goes on, hardware tends to slow down as it becomes outdated, do you seem to be having more and more IT problems, then it is time to consider getting on top of it. 

Your IT Support Team

Do you have an in-house IT department or an external IT MSP (Managed Service Provider) and do they understand your business?  They should be part of your team and not only on call if things go wrong, you should involve them in any growth strategies that you plan to undertake so they can offer ideas and help going forward.  You want your business to be a leader in whatever sector of industry you are in and with technology advancing at a rapid pace it is a good idea to keep your IT support in the loop and involved.

Going Forward

  • If you are not happy with your existing IT service provider, it is going to be a bit of an uphill battle to grow your business, here at Control IT Solutions we are proactive with all our clients IT growth and infrastructure decisions and we get to know the companies culture in whatever sector they are in and share the owners vision of long term growth. 

  • What you invested several years ago in terms of your IT infrastructure may not be cutting the mustard at present, we will give you impartial advice and hold regular face to face meetings with you as a business owner and carry out regular IT reviews of your systems.

  • As an IT Company we cover the length and breadth of Scotland helping, advising and supporting SMB’s across all sectors of industry.

  • Contact us today by clicking the link or give us a call on 01738 310 271 for an informal chat to see what we can offer you with regards to IT support, Cyber Security of your company’s IT infrastructure.

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