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The Benefits Of A Smaller IT Support Service Provider.

06 January 2021

In this digital age running a successful business can have many and enjoyable challenges.  To keep your customers satisfied, your level of service must be top notch and so must your IT systems. With new technologies emerging daily, let alone a constant threat of security and the safety of your client’s data due to the bad guys trying to gain access to it, apart from your every day-to-day business operation, there is your computers and IT network infrastructure that needs updates and maintenance.  There are many benefits of outsourcing your IT Support by using a Managed Service Provider or MSP, but going big is not always better, the smaller service providers can pack a huge a punch and here are some pointers to consider.

Quicker response time 

Large support companies irrespective of what type of support they provide from IT support to Insurance claims tend to move slower as there are a lot of moving parts and that is just the nature of the beast.  Usually when contacting larger companies with some sort of support query you are usually assigned a ticket and politely told to “please wait we will get back to you as soon as possible with a resolution” which leaves you very frustrated as you need to get this issue at hand resolved like yesterday.  
With smaller IT support Managed Service Providers, you will usually get a much quicker response as they know your contract means a lot to them and they will try and resolve the issue as quickly and effectively as possible, not to mention the customer service from a smaller IT service provider is usually much better than a larger company. 

Customer Service

When making contact with larger companies you usually end up speaking to different people each time and this can be extremely frustrating when making contact numerous times in a day regarding the same the issue.  With smaller IT support companies, you would usually be dealing with the same contact and this would build up into a relationship over time and the contact would know more about your systems and IT infrastructure and be quicker in order to resolve issues as there would be a history over time regarding your business and staff. Overtime there would also be a mutual trust between you and your smaller IT Service provider and larger companies can never provide that level of support or relationship which is what business is all about.

Smaller IT Support companies have an optimistic culture

A smaller team usually means no cumbersome top-heavy management breathing down their necks, so there will usually be an optimistic, vibrant, and exciting feeling amongst the team.  Smaller teams will be more flexible and innovative in their approach and this will rub off on to you as a customer and you will feel like it is more personable with what ever issue you needing dealt with.  In larger companies there is also a lot of bureaucratic red tape with overloaded policies and procedures.  If your business needs to change your IT requirements, larger IT companies will have so much red tape and you will be passed on to various people before you even get something done about it, with a smaller service provider, change can be almost immediately with fewer rings to jump through and you will be supported during the whole transition.

What can you do next?

If you are looking for a no-nonsense uncomplicated free of bureaucracy IT support service provider who has great customer service and has a flexible approach when dealing with all their clients, at Control IT Solutions we are innovative and have a fast and effective response time in compared to larger support companies.  If you would like to find out more and have an informal chat please contact us today or phone us on 01738 310 271


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