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Common Signs Of A Compromising Email From Senior Staff

02 April 2021

There are never fail-safe ways of detecting most phishing emails, but there are signs your employees can and should always watch out for.  Hackers, scammers or actors will send information within an email to employees that looks authentic from a sender that is known within the same organisation.  Employees should always be on their toes when receiving emails from their employers or senior staff within the company, here are few tell-tale signs:

Spelling and grammatical errors or suspicious requests from Management 

Emails that are riddled with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors should raise eyebrows.  Another thing to keep an eye open for is the writing style, is it the company’s culture or a senior managers style to request huge payments for a supplier without making sure or double checking first.  Create a system within your company or put in checks and balances in place that before making random payments to suppliers is there another way that an employee can check before pushing the button to make unscrupulous payments to the wrong person aka – Mr scammer.

A request to by-pass protocol.

Most companies will have strict security procedures in place when dealing with financial transactions.  Your staff should be aware of urgent requests or a demand that they bypass the company’s protocol regardless of whom is sending the email, or the request is coming from within the company.  Requests to skip or go around any company procedure should immediately raise a massive red flag to any employee, and this could be an indication of an attack and staff should always double check by phone to the senior staff in question.  Staff training is absolute key and imperative in the fight against the bad actors of the dark cyber world.

Defending against Phishing 

There is no silver bullet, but you can build some layers of defences within your business, like staff training, using multi factor authentication or email and spam gateways – remember one attack is one to many.  

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