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Is It Time You Replace Your IT Kit?

03 May 2021

Do you have a mixture of old and new PC’s/laptops within your business? There is a strong possibility that you have at least one or two devices within your IT infrastructure that is in urgent need of replacing and perhaps you have adopted the out of sight out of mind approach as you probably have a nice new shiny piece of kit on your desk.  
Some business owners put off making that investment in new technologies, mainly due to cost or maybe you might think if it isn’t broke why change.  Once your IT tech starts to slow down and cant keep up with the latest software it will only be a matter of time before you start to develop bigger issues that could cost you more in the long run. Your business could be running the risks of a cyber attack and your old systems wont be able to keep the bad guys out.  For your business to run effectively and efficiently you should think about replacing PC’s/Laptops every 3-5 years especially if your business relies heavily on them and technology is the main backbone of your business.

What some businesses don’t realise, sometimes is that slow or outdated equipment is costing your business far more in money and time, not mention staff moral.  When technology is slow and keeps crashing, this can have a hugely negative impact on your business, with your team having to constantly firefight with IT equipment that doesn’t function or not working optimally while trying to do their job at hand.

Sluggish and old equipment on your IT infrastructure can also open holes in your network’s security.

It is also obvious that the very latest or shiniest new technology is not going to make your systems bullet proof or skyrocket your team’s productivity, but it will certainly help.
Another way to ensure you are getting the most out of your equipment and that the technology that you have is not causing any issues is to partner up with a proactive IT support provider or Managed Service Provider who has a proactive business work ethic towards their clients.

Here at Control IT Solutions, we provide a proactive approach to all our clients, where we constantly manage and monitor our clients IT infrastructure, the systems, software and all applications.  We keep all our clients’ systems up to date with all the latest patches and with our Managed Anti-virus also maintain the security of your systems.  We also monitor get reports on the overall health of your hardware and we can alert you if a device is needing replaced or is causing issues with your network.  You don’t have to worry as we do all this preventative and proactive maintenance and checks in the background for you making sure your business ticks along smoothly.

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