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Who Is Responsible For Protecting Your Business Against Cybercrime?

02 July 2021

So who is responsible for protecting your business against cybercrime?  At the end of the day, the buck stops with you – You are! The Responsibility of all IT security lies squarely on the shoulders of the Company directors or small business owner to make sure their business is secure.  Cybercrime is a major threat for any business and can kill or cripple a business’s reputation overnight.  You cannot rely on your Antivirus Software or blame Microsoft or Apple for a cyber intrusion.  Its all up to you and your staff to keep the defences up.

Some easy and basic ways to protect your business from Cyber crime

•    Use STRONG passwords
•    Keep “user” and “admin” account separate
•    Have a Disaster recovery plan in place
•    Change your Passwords every 60 days
•    Staff Training

Use Strong Passwords

We all have different passwords for personal and work, if you or your staff use the same passwords for both, you or your staff could be putting your business at risk
Change your password every 60 days and enforce it in your business.
•    Passwords should contain numbers, letters, uppercase, lowercase and symbols
•    Contain at least 8-10characters
•    A new password should be completely different from the last 4 changes
•    When a staff member leaves for whatever reason, they should be taken off the system immediately or if you need to access the account for transition purposes, change the password.

Keep “User” and “Admin” accounts separate

The main account or Admin account is the most sought-after account for cyber criminals, it is the main key and in the hands of a cyber criminal it opens a lot of doors giving them total control over everything.  An admin account should be separate and kept separate, it should not be part of a user’s account.  Users should not have any admin rights to their machines.

Have a Backup Plan or a Disaster Recovery Plan in place

Backups are important and there are many ways data can be lost.  Disasters like hardware failure and damaged computers, natural disasters, human error or even disgruntled employees, all these can happen suddenly without warning.  Ransomware is always in the news and media and cyber criminals are continually finding new ways of entering businesses to encrypt data, hijack files and then demand a ransom in the form of payment to unlock data.  A data backup or disaster recovery plan should be standard in any businesses operating procedure. A small amount of time invested in creating or preparing for any disaster is minute in compared to weeks perhaps even months to recover from a serious data loss.

Staff Training

Training training training and more training, human error is one of the main ways Cyber criminal can gain access to your Network.  A simple innocent click on an email or a visit to a website by a staff member can be disastrous for any  company and being infected with Ransomware, this is where all your data is locked and the cyber criminal demands a ransom to unlock your data and most times even after paying the ransom they still don’t unlock it.

What to do next

Here at Control IT Solutions, we have a proven track record helping and assisting hundreds of clients with our secure and reliable Managed Service Provider toolbox at our disposal.  If you would like an informal chat to find out more and how we can be of benefit your businesses IT infrastructure, please call us on Perth 01738 310271 or Glasgow 0141 428 4301 or click here to make contact.


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