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Got Some IT Questions? Check Out Our Frequently Asked Questions

Get To Know More About Our Key Services, Costs And Support Options

What sort of IT Support for Business service do you offer?
At Control IT Solutions, we understand that if your computers and network are not working, your business isn't working. You can be on our Managed Services or Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) package where the service is proactive and where we monitor your System 24/7/365 or you can call us on an Ad-Hoc basis, where hourly rates would apply.

What are Managed Services?
Managed services or also known as Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) and is the new buzz word which is heard these days by small and medium size businesses who are switching to these services every day.  Instead of the traditional break/fix model, RMM is a proactive approach and assumes responsibility for the ongoing health of an organisation’s IT systems and monitoring it 24/7/365.

Why would I need to outsource my IT?
When your business grows from a couple of people in a small office to medium sized business, your IT needs are important for the running of your business. The growth of your IT support and infrastructure is important to reduce the pressures of software or hardware malfunction, complex sharing, connection downtime and backup systems. 

We can provide you with all IT solutions from Hardware to Connectivity and support your Cloud Hosted services. with remote and onsite support for your business and it can be adapted to suit your business needs. 

Instead of using resources and time to train or recruit new technicians, why not save the time, effort and money and outsource your IT – we are your IT dept!

What services do you provide?
Big or small, we can help with any related IT issue, troubleshoot, fix, optimise, speed up, back-up and set up your computers/laptops, smartphones and wireless networks. We are here to advise our customers, helping them to get the most out of their technology.

How much does IT Support for my Business cost?
Our fees are scalable to your business. This level of predictability when it comes to IT system support means you’ll never be faced with unexpected IT costs.  For a free non-obligation consultation, please fill in our online contact form or call us on 01738 230351

Would I be signing up with a contract if I took you on as my IT Service provider?
No, we would never ask our clients to tie themselves into a contract with us.  We would like to think we deliver an excellent level of service in that way keeping us on our toes to deliver that to you as our client.

What is the benefits to my business of outsourcing my IT?

No management/staff issues/expense, no sickness or holiday requests. Your IT support executed professionally and in a timely manner and you only pay for the hours that you use.

I have heard about Cloud Computing and what is it?   
Simply put, cloud computing is the delivery of computing services – servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and more – over the Internet (“the cloud”).  Cloud computing also means that instead of storing data on hard drives in your computer or on servers in your office, your data is stored and managed on the Internet and accessed online. Businesses often use the cloud to store and share data.

Why are so many businesses moving to the cloud?
It’s because cloud computing increases efficiency and the collaboration and flexibility of your team. Being able to work anywhere and having the peace of mind for having a robust disaster recovery system in place.

What will be the benefits of cloud computing be for my business?
Natural disasters like fires or floods, theft or accidents can destroy your business’ critical data if it is stored solely on hard drives or on-premises servers.  Cloud storage and backup services can store continuously updated copies of your business data and applications online, so they are always safe from disaster and can be restored after an incident.  Of course, you don’t need your business to be destroyed by an earthquake, hurricane or a blizzard to see the value of cloud computing solutions. If your on-premises server goes down, or if heavy snowfall unexpectedly keeps you and your staff from getting to the office, cloud services can ensure you and your staff can keep working using cloud services to keep your business up and running.