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Benefits Of Managed Anti-Virus

06 September 2020

Managed Anti-Virus for Business

There are still many businesses that use the old school ways of deploying Antivirus with an outdated method of installing individual copies of the antivirus software on each of the devices or machines on the companies office network, this would mean that any updates would be down to the responsibility of each individual user and the frequency of doing this could boil down to the employees work schedule and also to that users own due diligence in completing that task in a timely manner. This old school method of requiring each employees input to safe guard their own machine is not very efficient and all it takes is for one employee not to have carried out an update to put a whole companies network in a possible vulnerability breach for everyone within the organisation.  This DIY option of antivirus software of yester-year is not your only option as a business owner, with Managed Anti-virus software, it lifts the responsibility from your employees for reliable and consistent protection from viruses and malware.

What is Managed Antivirus

Managed antivirus is a centralised software solution option that protects all computers on your office network from known threats.  With new threats created on a daily basis, businesses can protect themselves by using a proactive method to help against any viruses or malware.  Any threats that are found on any network devices are always quarantined without any input from your employees and all your devices have the most up to date protection.  The “Managed” bit means that your IT service provider deploys this on all devices, runs updates and schedules in automatic scans according to your staffs work schedule.  Al this is done from your IT Service providers dashboard back at their offices, most importantly this means you and your staff can concentrate on what you do best and that is work on your business while all the security gets done behind the scenes without your having to worry from any input from you.

Benefits of Managed Antivirus

  • Costs – for per user licence for single solution of Managed antivirus across all your devices is far more financially viable than single user licences for old school Antivirus on each of your machines.

  • Centralised Management – using this type of system which runs back to a single of deployment will mean that all your devices within your IT infrastructure has the most current version of antivirus.

  • Non-stop Security – Your users on your network cannot uninstall or turn off a Managed Antivirus solution

  • Non-stop monitoring – Your IT service provider will run regular scans and apply all the latest updates and patches and the latest virus definitions in the background to all your devices at your premises and even if some of your users are field workers, no matter where they are, as long as they are on the internet.

  • Quick response – with viruses and malware being a constant threat, your IT service provider will be able to remove these quickly.

  • Proactive and best practice - Your IT service provider can be proactive in the background and protect your business from new and emerging threats to ensuring you and your employees have a bullet proof virus and malware protection for your business.

What to do next

  • Download our information brochure on Managed Anti-Virus by clicking here

  • If you are thinking about changing your current IT Service Provider or are looking to take on an IT Company to look after your business, get in touch here or phone 01738 310 271



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