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The Challenges Of A Business With Multiple Site Offices

02 August 2021

As your business grows and you expand your enterprise by opening another branch, site, or office, perhaps in the same town or city or even in another part of the country and to manage a company that is based in multiple locations can come with many challenges, like staffing issues, logistics, budget constraints, systems and not to mention IT issues.  
We will discuss what sort of IT issues a company will experience with multiple sites; with a good MSP (Managed Service Provider) these challenges can be alleviated, and the business owner can concentrate on the bigger picture and that is growing the business.

Onsite IT support can be costly 

Outsourcing your IT support with a Managed Service provider will bring your IT costs down.  Employing a permanent member of staff as your IT expert can be very expensive, holidays sick leave etc.  Also, if any of your sites has an issue, there can be a long delay for that person to arrive between the sites to deal with whatever is pending.  With a Managed Service provider, you will have an IT company behind you with a helpdesk of many staff and broad knowledge base to tackle any issues remotely using remote monitoring and management software instantly and will be able to solve a problem almost immediately.

Site replication

Each site will have its own set of staffing structures or various other issues that may differ from site to site but, when using a managed service provider each of your sites or offices IT systems will be mirror imaged and replicated across the company.  There will consistency across all sites and there will be no communication confusions.  Each of your sites will be managed and monitored as if everything was under one roof, no matter the size of your staff compliment and location.

Data Storage 

As you progress to growing your company from one site where you probably had an onsite server for all your data needs, with multiple site offices utilising cloud-based applications like Office 365 is the way forward.  Your Managed service provider will be able to run all the administration of your cloud-based applications in the background, maintain backups and the security of the system. With cloud-based storage all your staff can collaborate on files and data across multiple sites with ease.

Cyber security 

With multiple sites, some smaller branches, or larger ones than the main office, security procedures and best practice systems can be put in place across all sites, so all your IT systems are following the same protocols.  With multiple sites that have different LAN’s (Local Area Networks), this can be an issue for Onsite support, but with a Managed Service provider these can maintained and monitored constantly as if all the building sites and offices where under one roof.

What can you do next?

If you are looking for a no-nonsense uncomplicated free of bureaucracy IT support service provider who has great customer service and has a flexible approach when dealing with all their clients, at Control IT Solutions we are innovative and have a fast and effective response time in compared to larger support companies.  If you would like to find out more and have an informal chat please contact us today or phone us on 01738 310 271 or 0141 428 4301

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